The journey to canada

Growing up, Gentil Misigaro only knew the world as a place of loss, fear, and death. For fifteen years he and his family moved from country to country to escape the violence, but it followed them from their village in Congo to Rwanda and then Uganda. Through it all Gentil found strength, joy and hope in music.

When his family got the news that they had finally found a new home in Canada, Gentil saw his music as a powerful force that could bring positive change to the world. He has big dreams for the future. He is scaling back on some of his teaching and volunteering in order to spend more time composing new music and performing. He hopes to be a performer on a much bigger scale because he knows that the more people he can reach, the more people he can help. His sound is a mix of who he is and where he has been and his message is simple: "Look, I went through all of this and came out the other side; you can, too."

Excerpt song lyrics

"Yesterday is history,but today it's a new day . tomorrow is a mistery but I can make a change." - song, Keep Moving

"I can see the stars gathering,to lift you to a higher sky,I can see the light coming to brighten your future and wash away your past. - song, Stay Strong

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